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I’m Martin Harshberger and I use my more than 30 years front line business experience — twenty years of it as a successful mid-size company CEO — to help top executives make lasting and dramatic improvements in their business.


I work with business owners and CEOs of 7 and 8 figure manufacturing, distribution, and industrial service companies to drive sustainable, profitable growth.


Business development is more than sales or marketing! It’s about creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.


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Conscious Business Development

This is written for business owners and CEO s of 7 & 8 figure companies to help them with sustainable business development.

Sustainable development is an elusive prize for many businesses. Too often owners and executives spend most of their time involved in the day-to-day activities of the business and not enough time developing and executing a strategic business development strategy. The reason is simple. What’s missing from the deal is that the company lacks sustainability without the direct oversight of its owner.


Conscious Business Development presents my proven sustainable-business development process. Within this concise, information-packed guide, it covers necessary changes to leadership, vision, strategy, business tactics, execution, and accountability. It also acknowledges what many business development plans ignore: the complex relationship between an executive’s professional and personal lives.


Any business process is only as good as its execution. This book invites you to make a conscious decision to create value, wealth, and a business fully prepared for sale or executive transition.


Sustainable business development is a process not a one-and-done plan. It takes a conscious effort to create repeatable and sustainable growth.

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