About Martin Harshberger

Business Coach Specializing in Sustainable Business Development.

I am the founder and President of Measurable Results LLC. I’ve got extensive executive management experience in both Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups and mid-sized organizations spanning over a 35-year period.


I’ve held senior executive positions with one of the top manufacturers of mainframe computers. During this time I had domestic as well as international responsibilities in operations, manufacturing and support functions.


I’m also the author of Bottom Line Focus, a no-nonsense approach to helping companies improve their profitability, their competitiveness and ultimately ability to thrive in an extremely competitive and ever changing business environment.  I’ve recently published my second book, Conscious Business Development, How business owners and leaders can become the engines that create value and drive wealth.


Along with a partner I founded Logistics Management Inc. in Memphis, TN. I served as CEO of LMI for ten years. LMI was a pioneer in value added logistics management and grew from a startup to nearly $50MM in sales within five years. LMI was an information driven, value added logistics company that counted among it’s customers some of the largest and best known tech companies in the world.


We also expanded into Europe buying a small logistics company in Germany and operating that company as a subsidiary of LMI. The European operations (LMI GmbH) was able to partner with Hewlett Packard in a mutually beneficial. joint venture.


LMI was named to the INC 500′s prestigious list of America’s fastest growing companies.

After selling out of LMI, in anticipation of changing market conditions, I served as CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing company in the HVAC industry for five years.

How I can help!

Since “retiring” in 2005, I’ve developed a coaching / consulting practice working with owners and CEO’s of 7 & 8 figure companies to create sustainable growth.

I am committed to helping business owners succeed. As one that took the risks, invested money, and made the personal guarantees I understand the difficulty of running a business.

My practice is focused on helping the business owner / CEO insure that the hard work and investment results in a good outcome for them.

Over the 13 years I’ve had my practice I’ve refined a business development process that provides an all-encompassing approach to creating value for the stakeholders. My program is not an event drive plan development offering. To create repeatable profitable business growth the company and leadership team must make an intentional effort to plan, review, revise, and repeat.

I am a firm believer of creating value for the stakeholders and look for ways to create value for their customers through differentiation, partnering agreements and joint ventures that are a “win/win” for all parties.